Interracial Relationships Increasing and Tolerance Growing in America

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This is a great post I found on another issue that interracial couples have to deal with – TOLERANCE

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Interracial Relations have been a bit more visible and in the news lately and I have blogged about them before… Given I am so angry with our society in general for bigotry and racism and homophobia to name a few,  and many other social ills I am still pleased that there has been considerable positive movement in being tolerant of differences in people in the United States… but make no mistake we have a long way to go and grow in this area. 

Having not  dated let alone anything… else with a woman who was  not racially different from myself for 2 decades plus I find  the trend to acceptance a good start, but ONLY a start….. and there are many many challenges in a relationship between 2 adults anyway, the racial and cultural issues  further complicate this. add family to the mix and their biases and prejudices  …. well there is a long long way to go in this society.

Hopefully the explosion…

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KolorBlind Sex Talk: “His penis is huge…”

If you clicked on this article based on its title, I’m sure you got curious!

A few of my friends are in shock at my new choice in life. They simply can’t get their minds to understand why I’ve gone KolorBlind. Most of these women are Nigerians so its’ understandable that they don’t understand me. Nigerians are of the belief that you should marry a fellow Nigerian preferably of the same tribe. The crazy thing is, that most countries with strong cultures feel the same way.

One of my friends (well she’s more like a big sister to me) said: ‘you’ll miss the big mandingo”. I was quick to correct her as I have only had the unfortunate privilege of a ‘huge mandingo’ once. I told her that most of the black men I had been with were of average size and the myth about all black men with ‘huge mandingos’ was just that – a myth.

The myth which has been around longer than most people alive is that:

  1. that “all black men are well endowed”  in addition to this,
  2. that all of them “are experts in the act”

I can proudly tell you (and I won’t be biased simply because i’m KolorBlind) that, there are well endowed men in all races/ethnicities. The myth that the larger the shoe size the larger the equipment is false. I dated a short guy (5.4′) once and he was well endowed; his shoe size was probably a size 9.

You cannot judge a man by looks, shoe size or race. I think one of the reasons why a lot of women do not want to date outside their race is simply because they feel they would not be satisfied sexually. The size of a man’s tool cannot be used to determine ‘sexual pleasure‘.

The key to ‘sexual pleasure’ is to date a man who is experienced and has taken time to study a woman’s body. In order to be fully satisfied by a man, he has to see beyond his pleasure. He needs to see pleasure as you being satisfied. If he is patient enough and understands a woman’s body, the size of his tool will not matter because he will take you to ‘cloud 9′ and beyond.

His goal will be to make sure you reach ‘cloud 9′ all of the time. I do want you to consider this if you have ever thought of interracial dating or you have someone of another race who is interested in you. This has been KolorBlind Sex Talk: “His penis his huge…” Read more about this in part 2…

KolorBlind Fashion Alert: All White Affair Wardrobe

I’m sure you’ve been noticing Celebrities wearing ‘all white’ to events. Do you want to partake in the ‘all white’ fashion phenomenon? Well, now you can…

This outfit works for any high-profile event(comes in plus sizes too): 

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