7 Food Blogs to Follow This Summer

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With the official first day of summer right around the corner, now is a great time to start collecting recipes for your favorite warm-weather treats.

You’ll find endless inspiration by browsing through topics like recipe, grilling, and summer in the WordPress.com Reader, and discover tons of great ideas by exploring our collection of recommended food blogs.

Here are seven mouthwatering recipes from a handful of fantastic blogs that are sure to delight all summer long:

The Patterned Plate

We Call Him Yes! Chef!

The Faux Martha

In Pursuit of More

Just Homemade

Love + Cupcakes

The Craving Chronicles

Do you have an all-time favorite summer recipe? What new recipes do you hope to try out this season?

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Riding on the milky way

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friend: why do you fuck white men?
me: they’re consistent.
friend: what do you mean?
me:all men are milky on the inside…

but only white men are milky on the outside, too.


i love all of you. love me on facebook

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White Guys, Black Girls, Lines in the Sand

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I’m going assume that the black girls who have a problem with Chester French’s new song and music video, Black Girls, also have an atomic problem with Robin Thicke. Most of the black girls I interact with give Rob a race pass (a select few give him such an exception that they’d bet money he lays the D like a pro). Why? Cuz he’s Robin Thicke, he sings sexy, breathy ballads and is married to Paula Patton (hot black lady). He’s an unapologetic White guy who appreciates Black culture (mostly its women).

I wonder if Paula feels like Robin’s affections are completely genuine or if there is a degree of fetishism in his love. Chester French- the White, Harvard duo- has started a bit of a controversy to this effect: if a White dude is preferentially into black girls are they actually projecting some racial objectification, or are Black people…

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One thing that really excites me about this blog is that it will be a collaborative effort between my husband and I. What I love most about Jarvis is that we are incredibly different in many ways, and sometimes our differences pose quite the challenge.

To be quite honest, I’m surprised that I still chose to date outside of my race after my first few interracial relationships. Those relationships all ended because they weren’t strong enough to overcome our differences. From families disapproving (on both sides), to different religions (Hindu and a non-practicing Christian), to different gender-role expectations (I was expected to be submissive and obedient…quite the opposite of who I am). My relationships with white men were not as complicated in those areas.

The first time I ever met Jarvis, I knew he would probably be the one that I married. I really can’t tell you…

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What is secular music?

I hate when I hear the term ‘secular music’. It’s so annoying and sounds awful. Why certain music genres are tagged in such a bad light is beyond me. Music is the one language that is spoken worldwide…the only language that unites us all. Who says Gospel music always preaches the word of God. I listen to Gospel music a lot and I have to say a lot of the messages I hear is not necessarily biblical. I know some of you will debate this – that’s fine.

This is how i view it: secular music deals with everyday life. Artist’ sing about love, sex, relationships, cars, houses, etc. These are all things that either God provided for our own use or deal with our everyday life, so how can singing about it be bad? Most of the lyrics I hear in Gospel music does not deal with a lot of the issues we face in everyday life. I hear a lot of:

“I’m saved by Grace, if it wasn’t for Him where would I be, Jesus is my Lord, I love God and so on”. But where does it tell me how to deal with a broken heart? Where does it tell me what to do in a relationship? How does it tell me how to deal with my children? I’m not saying secular music covers all that, but they make a lot more reference to it.

Who are we to judge artist’ based on the music they sing or even tag the music they make? God does not look at those things to judge us. Who is to say every Gospel artist will make heaven? I don’t agree with every lyric or record I hear in all genres and I listen to it all! I’m a musical junkie. I’ve even concluded that my alter ego is music. Music in my opinion is one of God’s greatest creation next to mankind. It can be soothing, uplifting, thrilling, educative and emotional depending on the genre/lyrics and beats.

Since I don’t worship the Devil why would the music I listen to bring him praise or be a blessing to him?

It’s definitely our responsibility to make the right choices in life and we get inundated with what ‘society’ deems right but ultimately we have the final say. I’m not saying all music is appropriate. I’m also not saying it’s appropriate in all circumstances, however, music is not the culprit…it’s how we interpret it.

I can understand the reason(s) some parents ban their kids from listening to certain genres…however I can guarantee you that your child will turn out however s/he will turn out regardless of the music they listen to. Some of the greatest artist’ of our time grew up in homes where the majority of music genres were banned, yet their talent still shined for all of us to enjoy.

I think instead of classifying certain genres as ‘bad’, we should pick and choose the artist’ we like. I try not to criticize based on the artist’ lifestyle, because I’m not listening to their lifestyle…I’m listening to their God-given talent.  Take Amy Winehouse (RIP) for instance, that girl was a powerhouse and made beautiful music. The choices she made in her life were not as beautiful as her music but who am I to judge?

That being said, do you view secular music as it has been classified or does it have a different meaning to you? How do you categorize the music you hear? Do you judge it based on the artist singing it? Do you view your music based on the artist’ lifestyle? Would you make any changes to how you view music based on this article? What is secular music?